Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association Position Statement


The Dignowity Neighborhood Association has taken the position of supporting the Alamo Brewery Project.  At a regular scheduled meeting held July 18, 2011, the Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association voted in favor of supporting the Alamo Brewery proposal to build a microbrewery on city owned property adjacent to the historic Hays Street Bridge. 


The Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association is acutely aware of the historical character and nature of the neighborhood that the association represents. In that respect the efforts of the Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group are to be commended and appreciated for being the primary driver in restoring the Hays Street Bridge.


At the same time, by supporting the Alamo Beer proposal, the majority of the association membership recognized that the proposal to build the microbrewery adjacent to the Hays Street Bridge represents a unique opportunity to not only bring much needed economic development to the near Eastside of San Antonio but to also encourage the use of an under utilized eastside historic landmark.


Potential benefits that the microbrewery can generate for Dignowity Hill, the Hays Street Bridge and the city include:

        Job creation

        Improvement of infrastructure in and around the brewery site and into the neighborhood

        Private investment that can spur other investment both private and public

        Increased use and visibility of the Hays Street Bridge

        Maintenance of the Hays Street Bridge

        Graffiti abatement on the Hays Street Bridge

        Development of a green space underneath the bridge

        Tax revenues for the city from microbrewery operations and tourism

        Potential connectivity to the Museum Reach of the Riverwalk, the Pearl Brewery area and beyond.